Charity Organizations that Aid for the People Living in Africa

African Charity Organizations

Many children, families, and communities living in Saharan Sub, African countries suffer from vital problems such as insufficient food and water, inadequate health care and many more. Some of the charities possess years of experience and are grassroots organizations that are very successful to help the needy in all aspects with utmost care and affection. So far they have improved the lives of African residents and continuing their services. Below is the list of 3 Charities For Africa You Should Know About that aid to work throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Based on research here is our effort to let you know efficient, effective charities that are best and run as non-profit organizations that operate on donations. Hence you need not worry as your money is in safe hands and is used for a genuine purpose. Just have a look how most of the grassroot charities are working and running successfully due to many people who are coming forward to meet the needs of Sub-Saharan Africa people. There are lots of causes to contribute towards and you would be following in the footsteps of some well known companies. Tinder in collaboration with FBH networks, the casual dating app famous for the fuck buddy near me feature, has donated funds for sexual health issues in the region.

Top 3 charities those are functional throughout Africa:

  • GiveDirectly

It is well known to help poor people. This organization distributes money to the economically low people of Uganda and Kenya. Thus it directly transfers the money to the poor and helps them to meet their basic needs. All the money collected via donations is shown with strong evidence to the people who are transferring funds to direct recipients and encourage them for further donations to achieve higher returns.

This organization also looks into the matter to investment on products like tobacco or alcohol which are not maintained in the records. Thus, GiveDirectly successfully distributes money to extremely near to the ground income individuals. For more info, you can call them or visit them directly to know more about their organization and charity services.

  • SCI – Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

SCI is well known for treating people who are suffering from parasitic infections in sub-Saharan Africa. This foundation best supports programs to help people get rid of parasite worm infections. The most common symptoms include anemia which causes long term growth problems. The treatment is reasonably priced to treat the worms or what we call de-worming. Hence it is a cost-effective way to expand the access of de-worming treatments. For more info, you can reach their office and lend your full support.

  • Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria is one of the major problems in Africa sub-Saharan. This organization works hard to minimize the deaths from malaria and distributes bed nets which are insecticide-treated for $5 per net to assure the safety of people. On average 1 million people’s lives are affected each year and the most affected are children. However, they also look into the non-fatal malaria cases which are a bit inexpensive. To donate money or gather any other information you can reach AMF at any time.

Charity begins when you come forward to help anyone. Similarly, the above said charities running successfully in Africa to save the people of its individuals. Though they run as a non-profit organization but since their establishment had helped many low-income individuals to meet their basic needs such as food, healthcare, clothes and a lot more. If you are interested to join then feel free to call them or visit them directly to lend your support.