Start an Affiliate Group

Thinking About Starting a Group? Here's What You Need to Know (5 mins)

Worried about nonprofit incorporation? Don't have time to complete another annual tax return? Stressed about 501(c)(3) status? DON'T BE.

Thanks to technology, it's very easy to form a NPCA affiliate group and organize activities. Groups organize RPCVs and/or Peace Corps supporters to do what our community does best — make the world a better place. They just need a mission to rally around — geographic, country of service, workplace affiliation, affinity, cause-related — and a little bit of money. Following a simple application process and approval by the NPCA's Board of Directors, groups become formal affiliate groups of the NPCA. We'll help you get up and running and provide ongoing support in the areas of law, technology, accounting, and member management.  

Threshold questions:

  • Would your group have a charitable purpose — mentoring, grants, service opportunities, etc. (more than just socializing)?
  • If yes, in which state would you want to register your group? Registration is usually a simple online process, costing a few hundred dollars.
  • Annual liability insurance? Usually about a hundred dollars per year.
  • Will your group raise money? if so, how (e.g., memberships, donations, etc.)? Basic accounting software is easy to use, linked to your org's bank account.
  • Does your group (eventually) want to seek 501(c)(3) tax deductible status (no rush, you don't need it when annual revenues are $5000 or less)? 
  • Taxes? Very easy to file (just a postcard, literally) when annual revenues are $50,000 or less.

NPCA provides:

  • A network of affiliate group leaders from which to seek advice 
  • Webinars on group-related topics
  • An affiliate group resource library for in-depth info
  • Affordable website and database technology, if desired 
  • Collection and disbursement of membership dues, if desired
  • An online directory that helps RPCVs find groups
  • Promotion of groups through NPCA media channels